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Carefully Considered
Tightly Controlled
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About Meridian Capital

Meridian Capital is a wholesale finance company that offers qualified investors a consistent financial return protected by property and cash security.

  • 100% Kiwi owned and managed
  • Prudent residential property development
  • Strategic projects – carefully considered – tightly controlled
  • Houses, townhouses and duplexes
  • Light commercial for diversity
  • Waikato and Bay of Plenty focused

Our Investment Philosophy

Property developers have different philosophies when it comes to investing. Some opt for higher volume developments, that may incur higher levels of risk. Meridian Capital prefers fewer, carefully considered projects that are tightly controlled.

When investing in property it’s wise to consider the level of risk associated with the development. In our experience, the level of risk associated with investing in property typically correlates with the:

  • volume and scale of the project e.g. large apartment complexes verse smaller housing developments
  • stability of the type of property e.g. larger commercial versus light commercial
  • demand for the product e.g. type of dwelling, affordability
  • location of the project

Helix Methodology

Meridian Capital follows the Helix Methodology for residential property investment, as we have found it to be a more prudent investment methodology.

The formula we adhere to is one our investors have practiced for a long time, as this has been proven to consistently deliver on their investment goals.

Strategic Projects + Carefully Considered + Tightly Controlled = Prudent Residential Investment

How We Invest

  • We invest in what we have first hand experience in
  • We invest in what has worked for us in the past
  • We invest where there is a healthy level of demand
  • We invest in sought after housing
  • We back what we invest in with our own funds
  • We safeguard our investments with long term leases

History has shown that some property investments haven’t performed as well over time than others, like apartments versus homes for example.

There’s also a lot more at stake when building vast, multi-story complexes. It’s not always as easy to control costs and mitigate construction risks when building on a large scale. The level of investment required is also significantly higher, and so there is more at stake. As we move into uncharted territory, we believe it’s important to mitigate risks even further.

Key principles in our investment criteria are as follows

Strategic projects - carefully considered - tightly controlled

By investing in fewer projects that are carefully considered and tightly controlled, we can rest-easy knowing we have the parameters in place to mitigate risk. In other words, ‘we never bite off more than we can chew’.

By completing fewer projects at a time, we are not contributing to an over supply of stock and possible devaluations. Fewer homes, in sought after locations should naturally attract greater returns than an oversupply of apartments for example.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We back what we believe in.

Having invested a considerable amount of our own money into Meridian Capital, we have a strong stake in the success of our projects.

As such, we tightly control and oversee every aspect of each development personally. From scouting for the right sites through to selecting contractors, our founders are across everything.

Exceptional Construction Expertise

  • Handpicked subcontractors
  • Latest technologies and software
  • Sound project management with tight controls
  • Best-practice construction methodologies

Meridian Capital understands the pressing importance of surrounding itself with the best skills in the industry. We handpick contractors to ensure the highest standards, and leverage the latest technology to deliver quality builds with speed to completion. Tight controls and continuous improvement empower us to complete builds faster without compromising on quality.

Backed With Long Term Leases

Another risk mitigation tactic Meridian Capital employs is the procurement of long term leases on some of our projects, which we consider a win-win for our investors and communities.

Meridian Capital has agreements in place with key organisations to supply new housing on a lease basis. We are acquiring existing residential property and redeveloping them with the construction of Duplex Units.

These long term backed leases are 5 + 5 years with rent reviews every 2.5 years and annual CPI adjusted rental increases.

Meridian has four projects underway with another three in the concept design phase. Further acquisition negotiations are taking place on additional identified properties.

Positive investment experiences

  • Socially Responsible Projects
  • Long Term Backed Leases
  • Quality, Affordable Homes

We are committed to providing investors with opportunities that not only provide excellent returns, but also make a positive impact to communities. Our relationships with reputable agencies give you the chance to be a part of social change developments with long-term leases.

Building affordable, healthy homes is one of the driving forces behind Meridian Capital. Some of the key principles we adhere to include:

  • Investment that boasts local communities
  • Using local suppliers and providing employment opportunities
  • Good quality, affordable housing
  • Latest technology to maximise efficiency and quality

Prudent residential property development

Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy”.
Warren Buffett