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Fewer projects, carefully considered and tightly controlled

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Welcome to Meridian Capital

Meridian Capital is a New Zealand wholesale finance company with strategic positioning to offer qualified investors a consistent financial return secured by property and cash security.

The company remains risk averse while pursuing socially responsible and profitable projects.  Attuned to our market, property construction and development is our life’s work. We build what we know works, and we back what we build with our own capital.

Property developers have different philosophies when it comes to investing. Some opt for higher volume developments, that may incur higher levels of risk. Meridian Capital prefers strategic, carefully considered projects that are tightly controlled.

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Our Featured Projects

At Meridian Capital, our focus is to develop high quality properties that deliver positive results for investors and communities.

With us, your investment is spread across a mix of high quality residential developments in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regions, as well as larger subdivisions and light commercial properties. Long term leases are in place for many developments.

Carefully Considered Projects + Tightly Controlled = Prudent Property Investment
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Return Summary

Please note that in order to qualify as an investor with us, you need to meet the Wholesale Investment Criteria

Meridian Capital can offer qualified investors a dividend of 8.5% per annum, gross, with the dividend paid after the first 12 months of your investment. If you decide to retain your investment with us for a second year, the dividends will be paid out every quarter. We deduct your resident withholding tax so you will receive net dividend paid to you. 

To find out more about how Meridian Capital is able to offer these returns, please get in touch or learn more about our investment methodology.  


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